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Disposable 3-in-1 Trays w. Rigid Aluminium Bar Connectors


Disposable 3-in-1 Trays w/ Rigid Aluminium Bar Connector( Standard 36 pcs / Box)

  • Rigid Aluminum Bar Connector
  • Wide occlusal plane
  • Specially rigid walls designed for extra retention
  • Strong and tough 
  • Tear resistant quality mesh
  • Color coded

Sizes Options:

T401 - Lavender Posterior - 36 pcs/box

T402 - Light Blue Quadrant - 36 pcs/box

T403 - Yellow Sideless - 36 pcs/box

Special Offer: Buy 4 get 1 Free, Buy 10 get 4 Free, Buy 20 get 10 Free
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