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3B Brand Bondable Buccal Tubes


3B Brand Bondable Buccal Tubes (4 pcs/kit)

  • Comfort ball hook enhances patient comfort and avoids gingival irritation
  • Round corners and smooth surfaces for enhanced patient comfort
  • Torque-in-base design techniques to provide level slot line-up and help avoid occlusal interference
  • Compound contour base anatomically conforms to the tooth and provides proper fit
  • 4 pcs/kit

SKU: BT611-1110, BT611-1120, BT611-1140, BT611-1130, BT611-1160, BT611-2010, BT611-2020, BT711-5010, BT612-1110, BT612-1120, BT612-1140, BT612-1130, BT612-1160, BT612-2010, BT612-2020, BT712-5010, BT621-1110, BT621-1120, BT621-1140, BT621-1130, BT621-1160, BT621-2010, BT621-2020, BT721-5010, BT622-1110, BT622-1120, BT622-1140, BT622-1130, BT622-1160, BT622-2010, BT622-2020, BT722-5010