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3B "WePass" Self-Ligating Metal Brackets


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3B "WePass" Self-Ligating Brackets

  • International identification marks on the base and inscribed along axis ensure clinical recognition and precision.
  • MIM (Metal Injection Molding) technology for precise 3D dimensions.
  • A simple slide and lock system ensures that the lock clip is safely and reliably held during the entire treatment.
  • The mesial-distal width design of the brackets meets the requirements for fast alignment; allows the arch wire to be flexible during early treatment. The design aims to produce faster alignment by using only a light physical force during treatment.
  • MIM modular structure meets the physical demands required. Rounded edges and a low profile design avoids injury to the soft tissues in the oral cavity.
  • Sophisticated slot processing technology makes the slot’s surface smoother and with a lower friction coefficient.
  • Set of 20 pcs

SKU: BR811-134, BR811-154, BR812-134, BR812-154, BR821-134, BR821-154, BR822-134, BR822-154