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DTE-D7 Portable Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler (Without Light)


Woodpecker DTE-D7 Portable Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler Complete with 6 Tips
• Portable water supply
• Digitally controlled, automatic frequency tracking
• Small and light-weight
• Easy operation
• Autoclavable titanium handpiece with excellent piezo-ceramic vibrations
• Frequency 28kHz+/-3kHz
• Includes 6 tips: GD1, GD2, GD3, GD4, PD1, and ED1
• Includes 1 Torque Wrench
• Includes 1 Scaler Handpiece (without light)
• DTE-D7 Scaler Handpiece and Tips are compatible with Satelec® type scalers
• 1 year warranty (except scaler tips)