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Medesy Root Elevators - Lindo Levian (1 pc)


Medesy Root Elevators - Lindo Levian (1 pc)

  • Used as a lever during the extraction of a tooth or retained roots. It is pushed in between the gums and the tooth exterior and used to loosen the tissue surrounding the tooth. LINDO LEVIAN serrated tips ensure a smooth extraction of the root and eliminates the need of any leverage procedure. A slight rotary movement of the tip, positioned between the alveolus and the root will produce an easy extraction.
  • Stainless steel
  • Made in Italy


  • 725/1 (Straight Large 4x8mm)
  • 725/2 (Straight Medium 3x8mm)
  • 725/3 (Straight Small 2.5x5mm)
  • 725/4 (Curved Large 4x8mm)
  • 725/5 (Curved Medium 3x8mm)
  • 725/6 (Curved Small 2.5x5mm)

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